2 October

THE feast of the holy Guardian Angels.—At Nicomedia, St. Eleutherius, soldier and martyr, with numberless others. They were falsely accused of having set fire to the palace of Diocletian and, by order of this most cruel emperor, were barbarously massacred in groups. Some were put to the sword, some consumed by fire, while others were precipitated into the sea. But the principal one, Eleutherius, having endured long tortures, and being found stronger after each one, terminated his victorious martyrdom by fire, as well-tried gold.—In the vicinity of Arras, the martyrdom of blessed Leodegarius, bishop of Autun. After being subjected to various insults and torments for the truth, he was put to death by Ebroin, chief minister of Theodoric.—Also, the holy martyr Gerinus, brother of the blessed Leodegarius, who was overwhelmed with stones in the same city.—At Antioch, the holy martyrs Primus, Cyril, and Secundarius.—At Constantinople, St. Theophilus, a monk, who was most cruelly scourged by Leo the Isaurian, for the defence of holy images, was driven into exile, and went gloriously to heaven.—At Hereford, in England, St. Thomas, bishop and confessor.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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