1 October

AT Rheims, in France, St. Remigius, bishop confessor, who converted the Franks to Christ, regenerated Clovis, their king, in the sacred font of baptism and instructed him in the mysteries of faith. After he had been many years bishop, and had distinguished himself by his sanctity and the power of working miracles, he departed this life on the 13th of January. His festival, however, is kept on this day, when his sacred body was translated.—At Rome, blessed Aretas and five hundred and four other martyrs. —At Tomis, in Pontus, the holy martyrs Priscus, Crescens, and Evagrius.—At Lisbon, in Portugal, the holy martyrs Verissimus, and his sisters, Maxima and Julia, who suffered in the persecution of Diocletian.—At Tournay, St. Piaton, priest and martyr, who, with blessed Quinctinus and his companions, went from Rome to Gaul to preach the faith, and afterwards, in the persecution of Maximian, having consummated his martyrdom, passed from earth to heaven.—At Thessalonica, St. Domninus, martyr, under the same Maximian.—At Ghent, St. Bavo, confessor.—At Orvieto, St. Severus, priest and confessor.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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