30 September

IN Bethlehem of Juda, the decease of St. Jerome, priest and Doctor of the Church, who, excelling in all kinds of learning, imitated the life of the most approved monks, and disposed of many monstrous heresies with the sword of his doctrine. Having at length reached a very advanced age, he rested in peace, and was buried near the manger of our Lord. His body was afterwards conveyed to Rome, and deposited in the basilica of St. Mary the Greater. —The same day, the holy martyr Leopardus, of the household of Julian the Apostate. He was beheaded at Rome, and his body was subsequently taken to Aix-la-Chapelle.—At Soleure, in Switzerland, in the time of the emperor Maximian, the passion of the holy martyrs Victor and Ursus, of the glorius Theban legion, who were subjected to horrid tortures; but a heavenly light shining over them, and causing the executioners to fall to the ground, they were delivered. Being then cast into the fire without sustaining any injury, they finally perished by the sword.—At Piacenza, the holy martyr Antoninus, soldier of the same legion.—The same day, St. Gregory, bishop of Greater Armenia, who after many sufferings under Diocletian, rested in peace.—At Canterbury, in England, St. Honorius, bishop and confessor.—At Rome, the birthday of St. Francis Borgia, of the Society of Jesus. His feast is celebrated on the 10th of October.—In the same city, St. Sophia, widow, mother of the holy virgins Faith, Hope, and Charity.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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