3 October

AT Rome, near the spot called Ursus Pileatus, St. Candidus, martyr.—The same day the holy martyrs Denis, Faustus, Caius, Peter, Paul, and four others, who suffered much under Decius; and under Valerian, being a long time subjected to torments by the governor Æmilian, merited the palm of martyrdom.—Among the ancient Saxons (in Westphalia), two holy martyrs of the name of Ewaldus, who being priests and preaching Christ in that country, were seized by the Pagans and put to death. During the night a great light appeared for a long time over their bodies, showing where they were, and how distinguished were their merits.—In Africa, St. Maximian, bishop of Bagay, who, after having frequently endured great cruelties from the Donatists, was finally cast headlong from a high tower, and left for dead. Illustrious by a glorious confession, he afterwards rested in the Lord.—In Palestine, St. Hesychius, confessor, disciple of St. Hilarion, and the companion of his travels.—In Belgium, in the diocese of Namur, St. Gerard, abbot.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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