4 August

AT Bologna, St. Dominic, confessor, founder of the Order of Friars Preachers, most renowned for sanctity and learning. He preserved his chastity unsullied to the end of his life, and by his great merits raised three persons from the dead. After having repressed heresies by his preaching, and instructed many in the religious and godly life, he rested in peace on the 6th of this month. His feast, however, is celebrated on this day, by decree of pope Paul IV.—At Thessalonica, the birthday of blessed Aristarchus, disciple and inseparable companion of the apostle St. Paul, who writes to the Colossians "My fellow-prisoner Aristarchus salutes you." He was consecrated bishop of the Thessalonians by the same apostle, and after long sufferings under Nero, crowned by Christ, rested in peace.—At Rome, on the Latin road, the martyrdom of blessed Tertullinus, priest and martyr, in the time of emperor Valerian. After being cruelly beaten with rods, after having his sides burned, his mouth shattered; after being stretched on the rack and scourged with whips, he completed his martyrdom by being beheaded.—At Constantinople, the holy martyr Eleutherius, of the senatorial rank, who was put to the sword for Christ, in the persecution of Maximian.—In Persia, in the time of king Sapor, the holy martyr Ia and her companions, who, with nine thousand Christian captives, underwent martyrdom after having been subjected to various torments.—At Cologne, St. Protasius, martyr.—At Verona, St. Agabius, bishop and confessor.—At Tours, St. Euphronius, bishop.—At Rome, St. Perpetua, who was baptized by the blessed apostle Peter. She converted to the faith her son Nazarius and her husband Africanus, buried the remains of many holy martyrs, and finally went to our Lord endowed with an abundance of merit.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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