3 August

AT Jerusalem, the finding of the body of most blessed Stephen, first martyr, and of the Saints Gamaliel, Nicodemus, and Abibo, through a divine revelation made to the priest Lucian, in the time of the emperor Honorius.—At Constantinople, the birthday of St. Hermellus, martyr.—In the East Indies, near Persia, the martyrdom of holy monks and other Christians who were put to death after suffering various torments, during the persecution of the Church of God by king Abenner.—At Naples. in Campania, St. Aspren, bishop, who was cured of a sickness by the apostle St. Peter, and after being baptized, was made bishop of that city.—At Autun. the demise of St. Euphronius, bishop and confessor. —At Anagni, St. Peter, bishop, who rested in the Lord after gaining great renown for monastical observance and for pastoral vigilance.—At Philippi, in Macedonia, St. Lydia, a dealer in purple, who was the first to believe in the Gospel when the apostle St. Paul preached in that city.—At Beroea, in Syria, the holy women Marana and Cyra.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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