13 March

AT Nicomedia, the birthday of the holy martyrs Macedonius, his wife Patritia, and their daughter Modesta.—At Nicaea, the holy martyrs Theuseta, and Horres, his son, Theodora, Nimphodora, Marcus, and Arabia, who were burned to death for Christ.—At Hermopolis, in Egypt, the martyr St. Sabinus, who after many sufferings, terminated his martyrdom by being precipitated into a river.—In Persia, St. Christina, virgin and martyr.—At Cordova, the holy martyrs Rudericus, priest, and Solomon.—At Constantinople, the bishop St. Nicephorus. In defense of the traditions of his forefathers and of the worship of sacred images, he opposed firmly the Iconoclast emperor Leo the Armenian, by whom he was sent into exile, where he underwent a long martyrdom of fourteen years, and departed for the kingdom of God.—At Camerino, St. Ansovinus, bishop and confessor.—In Thebais, St. Euphrasia, virgin.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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