14 March

AT Rome, the birthday of forty-seven holy martyrs, who were baptized by the apostle St. Peter, whilst he was kept in the Mamertine prison with his fellow-apostle St. Paul. After a detention of nine months they all fell by the sword of Nero, after most generously confessing the faith.—Also, at Rome, St. Leo, bishop and martyr.—In Africa, the holy martyrs Peter and Aphrodisius, who obtained the crown of martyrdom in the persecution of the Vandals.— At Carrhae, in Mesopotamia, the patrician St. Eutychius and his companions, who were killed by Evelid, king of Arabia, for the confession of the faith.—In the province of Valeria, two saintly monks, who were hanged on a tree by the Lombards, and though dead, were heard singing psalms even by their enemies.— In the same persecution, a deacon of the church of Marsico was beheaded for the confession of the faith. —At Halberstadt, in Germany, the demise of the blessed queen Matilda, mother of the emperor Otho I., celebrated for her humility and patience.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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