12 March

AT Rome, St. Gregory, pope and eminent doctor of the Church, who on account of his illustrious deeds, and the conversion of the English to the faith of Christ, was surnamed the Great, and called the Apostle of England—Also at Rome, St. Mamilian, martyr—At Nicomedia, the passion of the blessed martyr Peter, chamberlain of the emperor Diocletian. For complaining openly of the atrocious torments inflicted on the martyrs, he was, by order of the emperor, first suspended and a long time scourged, then, salt and vinegar being rubbed into his wounds, he was burned on a grate over a slow fire. Thus did he become truly the heir of St. Peter’s name and faith.—In the same city, St. Egdunus, priest, and seven others, who were strangled one by one, on successive days, to terrify those who remained.—At Constantinople, St. Theophanes, who gave up great wealth to embrace poverty in the monastic state. By Leo the Armenian he was kept in prison two years for the worship of holy images, then exiled in Samothracia, where, overwhelmed with afflictions, he breathed his last and wrought many miracles.—At Capua, St. Bernard, bishop and confessor.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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