25 October

AT Rome, the holy martyrs Chrysanthus, and his wife Daria. After many sufferings endured for Christ, under the prefect Celerinus, they were ordered by the emperor Numerian to be thrown into a sandpit on the Salarian road, where, being overwhelmed with earth and stones, they were buried alive.—Also, at Rome, the birthday of forty-six holy soldiers, who were baptized together by pope Denis, and soon after beheaded by order of the emperor Claudius. They were buried on the Salarian way, with one hundred and twenty-one other martyrs. Among them are named four soldiers of Christ Theodosius, Lucius, Mark and Peter. —At Soissons, in France, in the persecution of Diocletian, the holy martyrs Crispin and Crispinian, noble Romans. Under the governor Rictiovarus, after horrible torments, they were put to the sword, and thus obtained the crown of martyrdom. Their bodies were afterwards conveyed to Rome, and entombed with due honors in the church of St. Lawrence, in Panisperna.—At Florence, St. Minias, a soldier, who fought valorously for the faith of Christ and was gloriously crowned with martyrdom during the reign of Decius.—At Torres, in Sardinia, the holy martyrs Protus, priest, and Januarius, deacon, who, being sent to that island by pope St. Caius, were put to death, under the governor Barbarus, in the reign of Diocletian.—At Constantinople, the martyrdom of the Saints Martyrius, sub-deacon, and Marcian, chanter, who were murdered by the heretics, under the emperor Constantius.—At Rome, St. Boniface, pope and confessor.—At Perigueux, in France, St. Fronto, who, being made bishop by the blessed apostle Peter, converted to Christ, with a priest named George, a large number of the people of that place, and, renowned for miracles, rested in peace.—At Brescia, the birthday of St. Gaudentius, bishop, distinguished by his learning and holiness. —At Javols, St. Hilary, bishop.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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