24 October

AT Venosa, in Basilicata, the birthday of the holy martyrs Felix, African bishop, Audactus and Januarius, priests, Fortunatus and Septimus, lectors. In the time of Diocletian, after having been a long time loaded with fetters, and imprisoned in Africa and Sicily by the governor Magdellian, as Felix refused absolutely to deliver the sacred books, according to the emperor's edict, they finally closed their lives by being beheaded.—At Nagran, in Arabia Felix, the passion of the Saint Aretas and his companions, to the number of three hundred and forty, in the time of the emperor Justin, under the Jewish tyrant Dunaan. After them was burned alive a Christian woman, whose son, five years old, confessed Christ lisping, and as he could neither by caresses nor threats be stopped, he rushed into the fire in which his mother was burning.—At Cologne, St. Evergistus, bishop and martyr.—At Constantinople, St. Proclus, bishop.—In Bretagne, the departure from this life of St. Maglorious, bishop, whose body rests at Paris.—In Campania, St. Mark, solitary, whose renowned actions have been recorded by St. Gregory.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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