4 September

ON Mount Nebo, in the land of Moab, the holy lawgiver and prophet Moses.—At Ancyra, in Galatia, the birthday of three saintly boys, Rufinus, Silvanus, and Vitalicus, martyrs.—At Chalons, in France, St. Marcellus, martyr, under the emperor Antoninus. Being invited to a profane banquet by the governor Priscus, and abhorring the meats that were served, he reproved with great freedom all persons present for worshipping the idols. For this, by an unheard-of kind of cruelty, the same governor had him burned alive up to the waist. After persevering for three days in praising God, he yielded up his undefiled soul. The same day, the holy martyrs Magnus, Castus, and Maximus.— At Treves, St. Marcellus, bishop and martyr.— The same day, the Saints Thameles, previously a Pagan priest, and his companions, martyrs under the emperor Adrian.—Also, the holy martyrs Theodore, Oceanus, Ammian, and Julian, who had their feet cut off, and consummated their martyrdom by being thrown into the fire, in the time of the emperor Maximian.—At Rimini, St. Marinus, deacon.— At Palermo, the birthday of St. Rosalia, virgin, a native of that city, issued from the royal blood of Charlemange. For the love of Christ, she forsook the princely court of her father, and led a heavenly life alone in mountains and caverns.—At Naples, in Campania, the birthday of St. Candida, who was the first to meet St. Peter when he came to that city, and being baptized by him, afterwards ended her holy life in peace.—In the same place, St. Candida, the younger, renowned for miracles.—At Viterbo, blessed Rose, virgin.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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