3 September

AT Rome, St. Serapia, virgin. Under the emperor Adrian, she was delivered to two lascivious young men, and as she could not be corrupted, nor afterwards burned with lighted torches, she was beaten with rods, and finally beheaded, by order of the judge Berillus. She died on the 29th of July, and was buried by blessed Sabina in her own sepulchre, near the field of Vindician. But the commemoration of her martyrdom is celebrated more solemnly on this day, when their common tomb was finished and adorned, and dedicated as a place of prayer.—At Corinth, the birthday of St. Phoebe, mentioned by the blessed apostle Paul in his epistle to the Romans.—At Aquileia, the holy virgins and martyrs Euphemia, Dorothea, Thecla, and Erasma. Under Nero, after enduring many torments, they were slain with the sword, and buried by St. Hermagoras.—At Capua, the holy martyrs Aristaeus, bishop, and Antoninus, a boy.—At Nicomedia, the martyrdom of St. Basillissa, virgin and martyr, in the persecution of Diocletian, under the governor Alexander. At the age of nine years, after having, through the power of God, overcome scourging, fire, and the beasts, she gave up her soul to her Creator in prayer.—Also, the holy martyrs Zeno and Chariton. The one was cast into a caldron of melted lead, the other into a burning furnace.—At Cordova, St. Sandalus, martyr.—The same day, the birthday of the holy martyrs Aigulphus, abbot of Lerins, and the monks, his companions, who, after their tongues were cut off, and their eyes plucked out, were killed with the sword.—At Toul, in France, St. Mansuetus, bishop and confessor.—At Milan, the demise of St. Auxanus, bishop.—The same day, St. Simeon Stylites, the younger.—At Rome, the raising to the Sovereign Pontificate of St. Gregory the Great, an incomparable man, who, being forced to take that burden upon himself, sent forth from the more exalted throne brighter rays of sanctity upon the world.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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