1 August

IN ROME, on Mount Esquiline, the dedication of the church of St. Peter in Chains.—At Antioch, the martyrdom of the seven holy brothers, the Machabees, and their mother, who suffered under king Antiochus Epiphanes. Their relics were transferred to Rome, and placed in the church of St. Peter, just mentioned.—At Rome, the holy Virgins Faith, Hope and Charity, who won the crown of martyrdom under the emperor Adrian.— Also, at Rome, on the Latin road, the holy martyrs Bonus, a priest, Faustus and Maurus, with nine others, mentioned in the Acts of pope St. Stephen.—At Philadelphia, in Arabia, the holy martyrs Cyril, Aquila, Peter, Domitian, Rufus, and Menander, crowned on the same day.—At Pergen, in Pamphylia, the holy martyrs Leontius, Attius, Alexander, and six husbandmen, who were beheaded in the persecution of Diocletian, under the governor Flavian.—At Gerona, in Spain, the birthday of the holy martyr Felix. After enduring various torments, by order of Dacian, he was cut with knives until he gave his undaunted soul to Christ.—At Vercelli, St. Eusebius, bishop and martyr, who for the confession of the Catholic faith, was banished to Scythopolis and thence to Cappadocia by the emperor Constantius. Afterwards returning to his church, he suffered martyrdom in the persecution of the Arians. His feast is kept on the 16th of December.—In the diocese of Paris, St. Justin, martyr.—At Vienne, St. Verus, bishop.—At Winchester, in England, St. Ethelwold, bishop.—In the territory of Liswin, St. Nemesius, confessor.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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