31 July

AT Rome, the birthday of St. Ignatius, confessor, founder of the Society of Jesus, renowned for sanctity and miracles, and most zealous for propagating the Catholic religion in all parts of the world.—At Caesarea, the martyrdom of the blessed martyr Fabius. As he refused to carry the ensign of the governor of the province, he was thrown into prison for some days, and as he persisted twice in confessing Christ when brought before the judge, he was condemned to capital punishment.—At Milan, during the persecution of Antoninus, St. Calimerius, bishop and martyr, who was arrested, covered with wounds, and pierced through the neck with a sword. He terminated his martyrdom by being precipitated into a well.—At Synnada, in Phrygia, the holy martyrs Democritus, Secundus and Denis.—In Syria, three hundred and fifty monks, who became martyrs by being slain by the heretics for defending the Council of Chalcedon.—At Ravenna, the departure from this world of St. Germanus, bishop of Auxerre, a man most renowned for his birth, faith, learning, and glorious miracles, who freed England completely from the heretical doctrines of the Pelagians.—At Tagaste, in Africa, St. Firmus, bishop, illustrious by a glorious confession of the faith.—At Siena, in Tuscany, the birthday of blessed John Colombini. founder of the Order of the Jesuati, renowned for sanctity and miracles.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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