7 June

AT Constantinople, the birthday of St. Paul, bishop of that city. For the Catholic faith, he was often expelled from his see by the Arians, and restored to it by the Roman Pontiff, St. Julius. Finally, the Arian emperor Constantius banished him to Cucusum, a small town of Cappadocia, where, by the machinations of the Arians, he was barbarously strangled, and thus departed for the heavenly kingdom. His body was conveyed to Constantinople with the greatest honor, in the reign of emperor Theodosius.—In Egypt, St. Licarion, martyr, who was lacerated, scourged with heated iron rods, and, after other horrible torments, was crowned with martyrdom by a stroke from the sword.—At Cordova, the holy martyrs Peter, priest, Wallabonsus, deacon, Sabinian, Wistremundus, Habentius, and Jeremias, monks.—In England, the abbot St. Robert, of the Order of Citeaux.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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