6 June

ST. NORBERT, bishop of Magdeburg, founder of the Premonstratensian Order.—At Caesarea, in Palestine, the birthday of blessed Philip, one of the first seven deacons. Being renowned for miracles and prodigies, he converted Samaria to the faith of Christ, baptized the eunuch of Candaces, queen of Ethiopia, and finally rested in peace at Caesarea. Near him are buried three of his daughters, virgins and prophetesses. His fourth daughter died at Ephesus, filled with the Holy Ghost.—At Rome, St. Artemius, with his wife Candida and his daughter Paulina. Artemius became a believer through the preaching and miracles of St. Peter the Exorcist, who was baptized with all his house by the priest St. Marcellinus. By order of the judge Serenus, he was scourged with whips strung with leaden balls, and struck with the sword. His wife and daughter were forced into a pit and overwhelmed with stones and earth.—At Tarsus, in Cilicia, in the time of Diocletian and Maximian, and the governor Simplicius, twenty holy martyrs who, by various torments, glorified God in their bodies.—At Noyon, in France, the holy martyrs Amatius, Alexander, and their companions.—At Fiesoli, in Tuscany, St. Alexander, bishop and martyr.—At Milan, the demise of St. Eustorgius II., bishop and confessor.—At Verona, St. John, bishop.—At Besancon, in France, St. Claude, bishop.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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