4 June

AT Agnone, in Abruzzo, St. Francis, of the noble Neapolitan family of the Caracciolos, confessor, and founder of the Congregation of the Minor Clerks Regular, who burned with an admirable love of God and his neighbor, and a most ardent desire to propagate devotion to the most holy Eucharist. His body is religiously honored at Naples. He was inscribed on the catalogue of the saints by Pius VII.—At Rome, the holy martyrs Aretius and Dacian.—At Sisseck, in Illyria, in the time of the governor Galerius, St. Quirinus, bishop. Prudentius relates that for the faith of Christ he was precipitated into a river, with a millstone tied to his neck; but as the stone floated on the water, he exhorted for a long time the Christians who were present not to be terrified by his punishment, nor to waver in the faith, and then God heard his prayers to be drowned, that he might attain to the glory of martyrdom.—At Brescia, St. Clateus, bishop and martyr, under the emperor Nero.—In Pannonia, the holy martyrs Rutilus and his companions.—At Arras, St. Saturnina, virgin and martyr.—At Tivoli, St. Quirinus, martyr. —At Constantinople, St. Metrophanes, bishop and renowned confessor.—At Milevis, in Numidia, St. Optatus, bishop, celebrated for learning and holiness.—At Verona, St. Alexander, bishop.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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