3 June

AT Arezzo, in Tuscany, during the persecution of Decius, under the governor Tiburtius, the holy martyrs Pergentinus and Laurentinus, brothers, who, while yet children, were put to the sword, after they had endured cruel torments and performed many miracles.—At Constantinople, the holy martyrs Lucillian and four boys, Claudius, Hypatius, Paul, and Denis. Lucillian, formerly a pagan priest, but now a Christian, was cast into a furnace with them, after undergoing many torments; but the flames being extinguished by the rain, all escaped uninjured. Finally, under the governor Silvanus, they terminated their career; Lucillian, by crucifixion, the children, by decapitation.—In the same city, St. Paula, virgin and martyr, who was arrested whilst gathering the blood of the martyrs just mentioned, beaten with rods, and thrown into the fire, from which she was delivered. Finally, when St. Lucillian had been crucified, she was decapitated. —At Cordova, in Spain, blessed Isaac, a monk, who died by the sword for the faith of Christ.—At Carthage, St. Caecilius, the priest who converted St. Cyprian to the faith of Christ.—In the diocese of Orleans, St. Lifard, priest and confessor.—At Lucca, in Tuscany, St. Davinus, confessor.—At Paris, St. Clotilde, queen, by whose prayers her husband, king Clovis, was converted to the faith of Christ.—At Anagni, St. Oliva, virgin.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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