21 February

IN Sicily, in the reign of Diocletian, the birthday of seventy-nine holy martyrs, who deserved by various torments to receive an immortal crown for the confession of their faith.—At Adrumetum, in Africa, during the persecution of the Vandals, the holy martyrs Verulus, Secundinus, Syricius, Felix, Servulus, Saturninus, Fortunatus, and sixteen others, who were crowned with martyrdom for the confession of the Catholic faith.—At Scythopolis, in Palestine, St. Severian, bishop and martyr.—At Damascus, St. Peter Mavimenus, who was killed by some Arabs who visited him in his sickness, because he said to them: “Whoever does not embrace the Christian and Catholic faith is lost, like your false prophet Mahomet.”—At Ravenna, St. Maximian, bishop and confessor.—At Metz, St. Felix, bishop. — At Brescia, St. Paterius, bishop.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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