20 February

AT Tyre, in Phoenicia, the commemoration of many blessed martyrs, whose number is known to God alone. Under the emperor Diocletian, they were put to death after a long and varied series of torments by the military commander Veturius. They were first lacerated with whips, and then delivered to several kinds of beasts. But, through the interposition of Providence, remaining unhurt, they consummated their martyrdom by the torment of fire and by the sword. This glorious multitude were incited to victory by the bishops Tyrannio, Silvanus, Peleus, and Nilus, and the priest Zenobius, who, together with them, won the palm of martyrdom by a successful combat.—In the island of Cyprus, the holy martyrs Pothamius and Nemesius.—At Constantinople, St. Eleutherius, bishop and martyr.—In Persia, in the time of king Sapor, the birthday of St. Sadoth, bishop, and one hundred and twenty-eight others, who refused to adore the sun, and by a cruel death purchased for themselves bright crowns.—At Catania, in Sicily, St. Leo, bishop, illustrious for virtues and miracles.—The same day, St. Eucherius, bishop of Orleans, whose miracles increased in proportion to the slanders of the envious.—At Tournai, in Belgium, St. Eleutherius, bishop and confessor.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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