30 January

AT Rome, St. Martina, virgin and martyr, who is commemorated on the first day of this month.— At Antioch, the passion of the blessed priest Hippolytus, who, for a short time deceived by the Novatian schismatics, was converted by the grace of Christ and returned to the unity of the Church, for which and in which he afterwards underwent a glorious martyrdom. Being asked by the schismatics which was the better side, he repudiated the doctrine of Novatus, and affirming that the faith ought to be professed which the Chair of Peter taught, he presented his neck to the executioners.—In Africa, the passion of the holy martyrs Felician, Philappian, and one hundred and twenty-four others.—At Edessa, in Syria, in the reign of Trajan, St. Barsimaeus, bishop, who converted many Gentiles to the faith, sent them before him to be crowned, and followed them with the palm of martyrdom.—In the same place, St. Barsen, bishop, renowned for the gift of curing diseases. For the Catholic faith, he was banished by the Arian emperor Valens into the remotest parts of that country, and there ended his days.—Also, blessed Alexander, a man of venerable aspect and advanced age, who was apprehended in the persecution of Decius and after gloriously and repeatedly confessing the faith, gave up his soul to God in the midst of torments.—At Jerusalem, the birthday of St. Matthias, bishop, of whom are related wonders and actions inspired by faith. After having endured many trials for Christ under Adrian, he passed away in peace.—At Rome, pope St. Felix, who labored much for the Catholic faith.—At Pavia, St. Armentarius, bishop and confessor.—In the monastery of Maubeuge, in Hainaut, St. Aldegundes, a virgin, who lived in the time of king Dagobert.—At Milan, St. Savina, a most religious woman, who went to rest in the Lord whilst praying at the tomb of the holy martyrs Nabor and Felix.—At Viterbo, the holy virgin Hyacintha de Mariscotti, a nun of the Third Order of St. Francis, distinguished for the virtues of penance and charity. She was inscribed among the Blessed by Benedict XIII., and among the Saints by Pius VII.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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