29 January

AT Lyons, in France, St. Francis of Sales, bishop of Geneva, confessor and Doctor of the Church, who is mentioned on the 28th of December.—At Rome, on the Nomentan road, the birthday of the holy martyrs Papius and Maurus, soldiers under the emperor Diocletian. At their first confession of Christ their mouths were bruised with stones and they were thrown into prison by order of Laodicius, prefect of the city. Afterwards they were beaten with rods and with leaded whips until they expired.—At Perugia, in the time of Marcus Aurelius, St. Constantius, bishop and martyr, who together with his companions, received the crown of martyrdom for the defense of the faith.—At Edessa, in Syria, the holy martyrs Sarbelius and his sister Barbea, who were baptized by the blessed bishop Barsimaeus, and crowned with martyrdom in the persecution of Trajan, under the governor Lysias.— In the territory of Troyes, St. Sabinian, martyr, who was beheaded for the faith of Christ by the command of the emperor Aurelian.—At Milan, St. Aquilinus, priest, who was crowned with martyrdom by having his throat pierced with a sword by the Arians.—At Treves, the demise of the blessed bishop Valerius, disciple of the apostle St. Peter.—At Bourges, St. Sulpicius Severus, bishop, distinguished by his virtues and erudition.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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