24 January

THE birthday of St. Timothy, disciple of the apostle St. Paul, who ordained him bishop of Ephesus. After many combats for Christ, he was stoned for reprehending those who offered sacrifices to Diana, and shortly after went peacefully to his rest in the Lord.—At Antioch, in the persecution of Decius, the bishop St. Babylas, who frequently glorified God by his sufferings and torments, and ended his holy life in chains, with which he ordered his body to be buried. Three boys whom he had instructed in the faith of Christ, Urbanus, Philidian, Epolonius, are said to have suffered with him.—At Neocaesarea, the holy martyrs Mardonius, Musonius, Eugenius, and Metellus, who were burned to death, their remains being thrown into the river.—At Foligno, in the time of Decius, St. Felician, consecrated bishop of that city by pope Victor. After many labors, he was crowned with martyrdom in extreme old age.—Also, the holy martyrs Thyrsus and Projectus.—At Bologna, St. Zamas, the first bishop of that city, who was consecrated by pope St. Denis, and there wonderfully propagated the Christian faith.—Also, blessed Suranus, abbot, who lived in the time of the Lombards.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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