23 January

AT Barcelona, St. Raymond of Pennafort. His birthday is the 7th of January.—At Rome, the holy virgin and martyr Emerentiana. Being yet only a catechumen, she was stoned to death by the Gentiles, whilst praying at the tomb of St. Agnes, her foster-sister.—At Philippi, in Macedonia, St. Parmenas, one of the first seven deacons, who by the grace of God faithfully discharging the office of preaching committed to him, obtained the glory of martyrdom in the time of Trajan.—At Caesarea, in Mauritania (Morocco), the holy martyrs Severian and his wife Aquila, who were consumed by fire.— At Antinous, a city of Egypt, St. Asclas, martyr, who, after various torments, was thrown into a river and gave up his precious soul to God.—At Ancyra, in Galatia, St. Clement, bishop. After having frequently endured torments, he finally completed his martyrdom under Diocletian.—In the same place, St. Agathangelus, who suffered on the same day, under the governor Lucius.—At Alexandria, St. John the Almoner, bishop of that city, most celebrated for his charity towards the poor.—At Toledo, St. Ildefonsus, bishop, who, on account of his great purity of life, and his defense of the virginity of the Mother of God against the heretics who impugned it, received from her a brilliant, white vestment, and being renowned for sanctity, was called to heaven.—In the Province of Valeria, St. Martyrius, monk, mentioned by pope St. Gregory.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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