31 December

AT Rome, the birthday of pope St. Silvester, who baptized the emperor Constantine the Great, and confirmed the Council of Nicaea. After performing many other holy deeds, he rested in peace.—Also, at Rome, on the Salarian road, in the cemetery of Priscilla, the holy martyrs Donata, Paulina, Rustica, Nominanda, Serotina, Hilaria and their companions. —At Sens, the blessed Sabinian, bishop, and Potentian, who being sent thither by the Roman Pontiff to preach, illustrated that metropolitan church by their confession and martyrdom.—In the same place, St. Columba, virgin and martyr, who after having triumphed over fire, was beheaded, in the persecution of the emperor Aurelian.—At Retiers, St. Hermes, exorcist.—At Catania, in Sicily, the martyrdom of the Saints Stephen, Pontian, Attalus, Fabian, Cornelius, Sextus, Flos, Quinctian, Minervinus and Simplician.—The same day, St. Zoticus, Roman priest, who went to Constantinople, and took upon himself the care of orphans.—At Ravenna, St. Parbatian, priest and confessor.—The same day, St. Melania the Younger, who withdrew from Rome with her husband Pinian, and went to Jerusalem, where both embraced the religious life, she among the women consecrated to God, and he among the monks, and ended their career in peace.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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