11 December

AT Bonne, St. Damasus, pope and confessor, who condemned the heresiarch Apollinaris, and restored to his see Peter, bishop of Alexandria, who had been driven from it. He also discovered the bodies of many holy martyrs, and wrote verses in their honor.—Also, at Rome, St. Thrason, who was arrested by order of Maximian for devoting his wealth to the support of the Christians who labored in the baths and at other public works, or were confined in prison. He was crowned with martyrdom with two others, Pontian and Praetextatus.—At Amiens, the holy martyrs Victoricus and Fuscian, under the same emperor. By order of the governor Rictiovarus, they had iron pins driven into their ears and nostrils, heated nails into their temples, and arrows into their whole bodies. Being beheaded with St. Gentian, their host, they went to our Lord.—In Persia, St. Barsabas, martyr.—In Spain, St. Eutychius, martyr.—At Piacenza, St. Sabinus, a bishop renowned for miracles.—At Constantinople, St. Daniel the Stylite.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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