4 December

ST. PETER CHRYSOLOGUS, bishop, confessor, and doctor of the church, who is mentioned on the 2d of this month.—At Nicomedia, the passion of St. Barbara, virgin and martyr, in the persecution of Maximinus. After a series of sufferings, a long imprisonment, burning with torches and the cutting off of her breasts, she terminated her martyrdom by the sword.—At Constantinople, the saints Theophanes and his companions.—In Pontus, blessed Meletius, bishop and confessor, who joined to an eminent gift of knowledge the more distinguished glory of fortitude and integrity of life.—At Bologna, St. Felix, bishop, who previously had been deacon of the church of Milan, under St. Ambrose.—In England, St. Osmund, bishop and confessor.—At Cologne, St. Annan, bishop.—In Mesopotamia, St. Maruthas, bishop, who restored the churches of God that had been ruined in Persia by the persecution of king Isdegerdes. Being renowned for many miracles, he merited to be honored even by his enemies.—At Parma, St. Bernard, cardinal and bishop of that city. He belonged to the Congregation of Vallumbrosa, of the Order of St. Benedict.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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