1 December

THE prophet Nahum, who was buried in Begabar.—At Rome, the holy martyrs Diodorus, priest, and Marian, deacon, with many others, who by the command of the emperor Numerian, were made partakers of the glory of martyrdom.—In the same city, the martyrdom of the saints Lucius, Rogatus, Cassian, and Candida.—The same day, St. Ansanus, martyr, who confessed Christ at Rome, and was cast into prison, in the time of the emperor Diocletian. Being afterwards conducted to Siena, in Tuscany, he there ended the course of his martyrdom by decapitation.—At Amelia, in Umbria, St. Olympias, ex-consul, who was converted to the faith by blessed Firmina, and being tortured on the rack, consummated his martyrdom under Diocletian.—At Arbele, in Persia, St. Ananias, martyr. —At Narni, St. Proculus, bishop and martyr, who after performing many good works, was beheaded by order of Totila, king of the Goths.—At Casale, St. Evasius, bishop and martyr.—At Milan, St. Castritian, bishop, who was eminent for virtues and the practice of pious and religious deeds in very troublous times for the Church.—At Brescia, St. Ursicinus, bishop.—At Noyon, St. Eligius, bishop, whose life is rendered illustrious by a considerable number of miracles.—At Verdun, St. Agericus, bishop.—The same day, St. Natalia, wife of the blessed martyr Adrian, under the emperor Diocletian. For a long time she served the holy martyrs detained in prison at Nicomedia, and when their combats were at an end, she repaired to Constantinople, where she went peacefully to her repose in the Lord.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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