23 November

THE birthday of pope St. Clement, who held the sovereign Pontificate the third after the blessed apostle Peter. In the persecution of Trajan, he was banished to Chersonesus, where, being precipitated into the sea with an anchor tied to his neck, he was crowned with martyrdom. His body was taken to Rome during the pontificate of Nicholas I., and placed with due honors in the church which had been previously built under his invocation.—At Rome, St. Felicitas, mother of seven sons, martyrs. After them she was beheaded for Christ, by order of the emperor Marcus Antoninus.—At Merida, in Spain, St. Lucretia, virgin and martyr, who consummated her martyrdom in the persecution of Diocletian, under the governor Dacian.—At Cyzicum, in Hellespont, St. Sisinius, martyr, who, after many torments, was put to the sword, in the same persecution.—At Iconium, in Lycaonia, the holy bishop Amphilochius, who was the companion of St. Basil and St. Gregory Nazianzen in the desert, and their colleague in the episcopate. After many combats for the Catholic faith, he rested in peace, with the reputation of a holy and learned prelate.—At Girgenti, the decease of St. Gregory, bishop.—In the village of Hasbein, St. Tron, priest and confessor.— At Mantua, blessed John the Good, of the Order of Augustinians, whose celebrated life was written by St. Antoninus.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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