16 November

IN Africa, the holy martyrs Rufinus, Mark, Valerius and their companions.—The same day, the holy martyrs Elpidius, Marcellus, Eustochius, and their companions. Elpidius being a senator, and having perseveringly confessed the Christian faith before Julian the Apostate, was, with his companions, first tied to wild horses and dragged by them, and then being thrown into the fire, ended a glorious martyrdom.—At Lyons, the birthday of St. Eucherius, bishop and confessor, a man of extraordinary faith and learning. He renounced the senatorial dignity to embrace the religious life, and for a long time voluntarily shut himself up in a cavern, where he served Christ in prayer and fasting. Afterwards, through the revelation of an angel, he was solemnly installed in the episcopal chair of the city of Lyons.—At Padua, St. Fidentius, bishop.—At Canterbury, in England, St. Edmund, archbishop and confessor, who was sent into exile for having maintained the rights of his church. He died near Provins, in France, and was canonized by Innocent IV. —The same day, the departure from this world of St. Othmar, abbot.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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