7 November

AT Padua, the demise of St. Prosdocimus, first bishop of that city, who was ordained bishop by the blessed apostle Peter, and sent thither to preach the word of God, where, celebrated for many virtues and prodigies, he happily ended his life. —At Perugia, St. Herculanus, bishop and martyr. —The same day, St. Amaranthus, martyr, who was buried in the city of Albi, after the termination of combats faithfully sustained, but lives in eternal glory.—At Melitine, in Armenia, the martyrdom of the Saints Hieron, Meander, Hesychius, and thirty others, who were crowned in the persecution of Diocletian, under the governor Lysias.—At Amphipolis, in Macedonia, the holy martyrs Auctus, Taurio and Thessalonica.—At Ancyra, the passion of the Saints Melasippus, Anthony and Carina, under Julian the Apostate.—At Cologne, St. Engelbertus, bishop, who did not hesitate to suffer martyrdom in defence of ecclesiastical liberties, and for obedience to the Roman Church.—At Alexandria, blessed Achillas, a bishop renowned for erudition, faith and purity of life.—In Friesland, the decease of St. Willibrord, bishop of Utrecht, who was consecrated bishop by the blessed pope Sergius, and preached the Gospel in Friesland and Denmark.—At Metz, St. Eufus, bishop and confessor.—At Strasburg, St. Florentius, bishop.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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