5 November

ST. ZACHARY, priest and prophet, father of blessed John the Baptist.—Also, St. Elizabeth, mother of the same most holy precursor.—At Terracina, in Campania, the birthday of the holy martyrs, Felix, priest, and Eusebius, monk. The latter having buried the holy martyrs Julian and Caesarius, and converted to the faith of Christ, many whom the priest St. Felix baptized, was arrested with him, and both being led to the tribunal of the judge, who could not succeed in intimidating them, they were shut up in prison, and as they refused to offer sacrifice, were beheaded that same night.—At Emesa, in Phoenicia, during the persecution of Decius, the holy martyrs Galation, and Epistemis, his wife, who were scourged, had their hands, feet and tongue severed from their bodies, and finally consummated their martyrdom by decapitation.—Also, the holy martyrs Domninus, Theotimus, Philotheus, Silvanus, and their companions, under the emperor Maximinus.—At Milan, St. Magnus, bishop and confessor.—At Brescia, St. Dominator, bishop.—At Treves, St. Fibitius, who was made bishop of that city while filling the office of abbot.—At Orleans, in France, St. Laetus, priest and confessor.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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