27 October

THE vigil of the holy apostles Simon and Jude. —At Avila, in Spain, the Saints Vincent, Sabina and Christeta, who were first stretched on the rack in such a manner that all their limbs were dislocated; then stones being laid on their heads, and their brains beaten out with heavy bars, they terminated their martyrdom under the governor Dacian.—At Tilchatel, St. Florentius, martyr.—In Cappadocia, the holy martyrs Capitolina, and Erotheides, her handmaid, who suffered under Diocletian.—In India, St. Frumentius, bishop. While he was a captive there he was consecrated bishop by St. Athanasius, and preached the Gospel in that country.—In Ethiopia, St. Elesbaan, king, who, after having defeated the enemies of Christ and sent his royal diadem to Jerusalem, in the time of the emperor Justin, led a monastical life, as he had vowed, and went to his reward.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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