20 October

IN Poland, St. John Cantius, priest and confessor. Being glorious for virtues and miracles, he was inscribed among the saints by the Sovereign Pontiff, Clement XIII.—At Abia, near Aquila, in Abruzzo, the birthday of blessed Maximus, deacon and martyr, who, through the desire of suffering, presented himself to the persecutors that sought him. After answering with great constancy, he was racked and tortured, then beaten with rods, and finally he died by being precipitated from an elevated place. —At Agen, in France, St. Caprasius, martyr. As he was hiding himself in a cavern to avoid the violence of the persecution, the report of the blessed virgin Faith's courage in suffering for Christ animated him to endure torments, and he prayed to God that, if he were deemed worthy of the glory of martyrdom, clear water might flow from the rock of his cavern. God having granted his prayer, he went with confidence to the scene of combat, and after a valiant struggle, merited the palm of martyrdom under Maximian.—At Antioch, St. Artemius, imperial officer. Although he had filled high stations in the army under Constantine the Great, Julian the Apostate, whom he had reprehended for his cruelty towards Christians, ordered him to be beaten with rods, subjected to other torments, and finally beheaded.—At Cologne, the martyrdom of the holy virgins Martha and Saula, with many others.—At Minden, the birthday of St. Felician, bishop and martyr.—At Paris, the holy martyrs, George, deacon, and Aurelius.—In Portugal, St. Irene, virgin and martyr.—In the diocese of Rheims, St. Sindulphus, confessor.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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