14 October

AT Rome, on the Aurelian road, the birthday of blessed Callistus, pope and martyr. By order of the emperor Alexander, after being a long time kept in prison without food, and daily scourged with rods, he was finally hurled from the window of the house in which he had been shut up, and cast into a well, and thus merited the triumph awarded to conquerors.—At Caesarea, in Palestine, St. Fortunata, virgin and martyr, during the persecution of Diocletian. After having been subjected to the rack, to fire, to the teeth of beasts and other torments, she gave up her soul to God. Her body was afterwards conveyed to Naples, in Campania.—Also, the Saints Carponius, Evaristus, and Priscian, brothers of the said blessed Fortunata, who having their throats cut, obtained likewise the crown of martyrdom. —Also, the Saints Saturninus and Lupus.—At Rimini, St. Gaudentius, bishop and martyr.—At Todi, St. Fortunatus, bishop, who, as is mentioned by blessed Gregory, was endowed with an extraordinary gift for casting out unclean spirits.—At Wurtzburg, St. Burchard, first bishop of that city.—At Bruges, in Belgium, St. Donatian, bishop of Rheims.—At Treves, St. Rusticus, bishop.—The same day, the departure out of this world of St. Dominic Loricatus. —In Italy, St. Bernard, confessor.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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