10 October

AT Rome, blessed John Leonardi, confessor, founder of the Congregation of Clerks Regular of the Mother of God. He was illustrious by his labors and miracles, and through his instrumentality missions were established by the Propaganda.—In the island of Crete, blessed Pinytus, most noble among the bishops. He was bishop of Gnosia, and flourished under Marcus Antoninus Verus and Lucius Aurelius Commodus. He left in his writings, as in a mirror, a vivid delineation of himself.—At Cologne, in the persecution of Maximian, St. Gereon, martyr, with three hundred and eighteen others, who patiently bowed their necks to the sword for the true religion.—In the neighborhood of the same city, the holy martyrs Victor and his companions.—At Bonn, in Germany, the holy martyrs Cassius and Florentius, with many others.—At Nicomedia, the holy martyrs Eulampius, and his sister, the virgin Eulampia, who, hearing that her brother was tortured for Christ, rushed through the crowd, embraced him and became his companion. Both were cast into a caldron of boiling oil, but being quite uninjured, they terminated their martyrdom by decapitation with two hundred others, who, impressed by the miracle, had believed in Christ.—At York, in England, the holy bishop Paulinus, disciple of the blessed pope Gregory. Being sent thither by that pope with others to preach the Gospel, he converted king Edwin and his people to the faith of Christ.—At Piombino, in Tuscany, St. Cerbonius, bishop and confessor, who, as St. Gregory relates, was renowned for miracles, both during life and after death.—At Verona, another St. Cerbonius, bishop.—At Capua, St. Paulinus, bishop.—At Rome, St. Francis Borgia, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, celebrated for the austerity of his life, the gift of prayer, and for the firmness with which he renounced the dignities of the world, and refused those of the Church.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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