25 September

AT Emmaus, the birthday of blessed Cleophas, disciple of Christ. It is related that he was killed by the Jews, for the confession of our Lord, in the same house in which he had entertained Him, and where he was honorably buried.—At Rome, under the emperor Antoninus, St. Herculanus, soldier and martyr, who, being converted to Christ by the miracles wrought during the martyrdom of the blessed bishop Alexander, was put to the sword, after enduring many torments.—At Amiens, in France, in the persecution of Diocletian, blessed Firmin, bishop. Under the governor Rictiovarus, after various torments, he suffered martyrdom by being beheaded. —At Damascus, the holy martyr Paul, Tata, his wife, and Sabinian, Maximus, Rufus, and Eugenius, their sons. Accused of professing the Christian religion, they were scourged, and tortured in other ways, until they gave up their souls to God.—In Asia, the holy martyrs Bardomian, Eucarpus, and twenty-six others.—The same day, St. Anathalon, bishop, who was a disciple of the blessed apostle Barnabas, and succeeded him in the See of Milan.—At Lyons, the decease of St. Lupus, at one time an anchoret, but later a bishop.—At Auxerre, St. Anacharius, bishop and confessor.—At Blois, St. Solemnius, bishop of Chartres, renowned for miracles.—The same day, St. Principius, bishop of Soissons, brother of the blessed bishop Remigius.—At Anagni, the holy virgins Aurelia and Neomisia.—At San Severino, the decease of St. Pacificus of St. Severin, confessor, of the Order of the Reformed Minorites of the Observance of St. Francis, illustrious by his extraordinary patience and love of solitude. He was placed in the calendar of saints by pope Gregory XVI.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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