20 September

THE vigil of St. Matthew, apostle and evangelist —At Rome, the holy martyrs Eustachius, and Theopistes, his wife, with their two sons, Agapitus and Theopistus. Under the emperor Adrian, they were condemned to be cast to the beasts, but through the power of God, being uninjured by them, they were shut up in a burning brazen ox, and thus terminated their martyrdom.—At Cyzicum, on the sea of Marmora, the birthday of the holy martyrs Fausta, virgin, and Evilasius, in the time of the emperor Maximian. Fausta had her head shaved to shame her, and was hanged up and tortured by Evilasius, then a Pagan priest; but when he wished to have her body cut in two, the executioners could not inflict any injury on her. Amazed at this prodigy, Evilasius believed in Christ; and whilst he was cruelly tortured by order of the emperor, Fausta had her head bored through, and her whole body pierced with nails. She was then laid on a burning pan, and being called by a celestial voice, went in company with Evilasius to enjoy the blessedness of heaven.—In Phrygia, the holy martyrs Denis and Privatus.—Also, St. Priscus, martyr, who, after having had his body pierced all over with daggers, was beheaded.—At Pergen, in Pamphylia, the Saints Theodore, his mother Philippa, and their fellow martyrs, under the emperor Antoninus.—At Carthage, St. Candida, virgin and martyr; who, having all her body lacerated with whips, was crowned with martyrdom, under the emperor Maximian.—Also, the holy martyr Susanna, daughter of Arthemius, a Pagan priest, and Martha.—The same day, pope St. Agapitus, whose sanctity is attested by blessed Gregory the Great.—At Milan, St. Clicerius, bishop and confessor.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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