12 September

THE feast of the most holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary, celebrated by order of the Sovereign Pontiff, Innocent XI., on account of the signal victory gained over the Turks, at Vienna in Austria, through her protection.—At Alexandria, in the time of the emperor Maximinus, the birthday of the holy martyrs Hieronides, Leontius, Serapion, Selesius, Valerian, and Straton, who were drowned in the sea for the confession of the name of Christ.—In Bithynia, St. Autonomus, bishop and martyr, who went to that country from Italy to avoid the persecution of Diocletian. After he had converted many to the faith, he was killed at the altar by the furious Gentiles, whilst celebrating the sacred mysteries, and so became the victim of Christ.—At Merum, in Phrygia, the holy martyrs Macedonius, Theodulus, and Tatian, under Julian the Apostate. After other torments, they joyfully consummated their martyrdom by being laid on burning gridirons by order of the governor Almachius.—At Iconium, in Lycaonia, the holy bishop Curonotus, who received the crown of martyrdom by being beheaded under the governor Perennius.—At Pavia, St. Juventius, bishop, mentioned on the 8th of February. He was sent to that city with St. Cyrus by blessed Hermagoras, disciple of the evangelist St. Mark. They both preached the Gospel of Christ there, and being renowned for great virtues and miracles, illustrated the neighboring cities by divine works. They closed their glorious career in peace, invested with the episcopal dignity.—At Lyons, the decease of St. Sacerdos, bishop.—At Verona, St. Silvinus, bishop.—At Anderlecht, St. Guido, confessor.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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