6 September

THE prophet Zachary, who returned in his old age from Chaldea to his own country, and lies buried near the prophet Aggeus.—In Hellespont, St. Onesiphorus, disciple of the Apostles, of whom St. Paul speaks in his letter to Timothy. He was severely scourged with St. Porphyry, by order of the proconsul Adrian, and being dragged by wild horses, gave up his soul to God.—At Alexandria, the holy martyrs Faustus, priest, Macarius, and ten companions, who received the martyr's crown by being beheaded for the name of Christ, in the time of the emperor Decius and the governor Valerius. —In Cappadocia, the holy martyrs Cottidus, deacon, Eugenius, and their companions.—In Africa, in the persecution of the Vandals, the holy bishops Donatian, Praesidius, Mansuetus, Germanus, and Fusculus, who were most cruelly scourged and sent into exile, by order of the Arian king Hunneric, because they proclaimed the Catholic truth. Among them was one named Laetus, also a bishop, a courageous and most learned man, who was burned alive after a long imprisonment in a loathsome dungeon.—At Verona, St. Petronius, bishop and confessor.—At Rome, the holy abbot Eleutherius, a servant of God, who, according to the testimony of Pope St. Gregory, raised a dead man to life by his prayers and tears.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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