1 September

IN THE province of Narbonne, St. Giles, abbot and confessor.—At Benevento, twelve saintly brothers, martyrs.—In Palestine, the Saints Josue and Gedeon.—At Jerusalem, blessed Anna, prophetess, whose sanctity is revealed in the Gospel.—At Capua, on the Aquarian road, St. Priscus, martyr, who was one of the ancient disciples of Christ.—At Rheims, in France, St. Xystus, disciple of the blessed apostle Peter, who was consecrated by him the first bishop of that city, and received the crown of martyrdom under Nero. —At Todi, in Umbria, St. Terentian, bishop and martyr. Under the emperor Adrian, he was racked, and scourged with whips set with metal by order of the proconsul Laetian, and finally, having his tongue cut out, he ended his martyrdom by undergoing capital punishment.—At Heraclea, St. Ammon, deacon, and forty holy virgins whom he instructed in the faith, and led with him to the glory of matryrdom, under the tyrant Licinius.—In Spain, the holy martyrs Vincent and Laetus.—At Piombino, in Tuscany, St. Regulus, martyr, who went thither from Africa, and consummated his martyrdom under Totila. —At Sens, St. Lupus, bishop and confessor, of whom it is related, that on a certain day, whilst he stood at the holy altar in presence of the clergy, a gem fell from heaven into the consecrated chalice which he was using.—At Capua, St. Priscus, bishop. He was one of those priests who were subjected to various trials for the Catholic faith during the persecution of the Vandals. Being put in an old ship on the coast of Africa, they reached the shores of Campania, and separating, they were placed at the head of various churches, and thus greatly extended the Christian religion. The companions of Priscus were Castrensis, Tammarus, Rosius, Heraclius, Secundinus, Adjutor, Mark, Augustus, Elpidius, Canion, and Vindonius.—At Aquino, St. Constantius, a bishop renowned for the gift of prophecy and many virtues.—At Le Mans, St. Victorius, bishop.—In Baden, in the diocese of Constance, St. Verena, virgin.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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