27 August

AT Rome, the demise of St. Joseph, confessor, illustrious by the innocence of his life and miracles, who, to instruct youth in piety and letters, founded the Order of the Poor Clerks Regular of the pious Schools of the Mother of God.—At Capua, in Campania, the birthday of St. Rufus, bishop and martyr, a patrician, who was baptized with all his family by blessed Apollinaris, disciple of St. Peter.—In the same place, the holy martyrs Rufus and Carpophorus, who suffered under Diocletian and Maximian.—At Tomis, in Pontus, the holy martyrs Marcellinus, tribune, and Mannea, his wife, and his sons John, Serapion, and Peter.—At Lentini, in Sicily, St. Euthalia, virgin. Because she was a Christian she was put to the sword by her brother Sermilian, and went to her spouse.—The same day, the martyrdom of St. Anthusa the Younger, who was made a martyr by being cast into a well for the faith of Christ.—At Bergamo, St. Narnus, who was baptized by blessed Barnabas, and consecrated by him first bishop of that city. —At Aries, the holy bishop Caesarius, a man of great sanctity and piety.—At Autun, St. Syagrius, bishop and confessor.—At Pavia, St. John, bishop.—At Lerida, in Spain, St. Licerius, bishop.—In Thebais, St. Poemon, anchoret.—At San Severino, in the March of Ancona, St. Margaret, widow.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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