22 August

THE Octave of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.—At Rome, on the Ostian road, the birthday of the holy martyr Timothy. After he had been arrested by Tarquinius, prefect of the city, and kept for a long time in prison, as he refused to sacrifice to the idols, he was scourged three times, subjected to the most severe torments, and finally beheaded.—At Porto, St. Hippolytus, bishop, most renowned for learning. Having gloriously confessed the faith, in the time of the emperor Alexander, he was bound hand and foot, precipitated into a deep ditch filled with water, and thus received the palm of martyrdom. His body was buried by the Christians at that place.—At Autun, St. Symphorian, a martyr, in the time of the emperor Aurelian. Refusing to offer sacrifice to the idols, he was first scourged, then confined in prison, and finally ended his martyrdom by being beheaded.—At Rome. St. Antoninus, martyr, who, openly declaring himself a Christian, was condemned to capital punishment by the judge Vitellius, and buried on the Aurelian road.—Also, at Porto, the holy martyrs Martial, Saturninus, Epictetus, Maprilis, and Felix, with their companions.—At Nicomedia, the Saints Agathonicus, Zoticus, and their fellow-martyrs, under the emperor Maximian and the governor Eutholomius.—At Tarsus, the Saints Athanasius, bishop and martyr, Anthusa, a noble woman whom he had baptized, and two of her slaves, who suffered under Valerian. —At Rheims, the holy martyr Maurus and his companions.—In Spain, the saintly martyrs Fabrician and Philibert.—At Pavia, St. Gunifort, martyr.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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