8 August

AT Rome, the holy martyrs Cyriacus, deacon, Largus, and Smaragdus, with twenty others, who suffered on the 16th of March, in the persecution of Diocletian and Maximian. Their bodies were buried on the Salarian road by the priest John, but were on this day translated by pope St. Marcellus to the estate of Lucina, on the Ostian way. Afterwards they were brought to Rome, and placed in the Church of St. Mary in Via Lata (the title of a cardinal-deacon).—At Anzarba, in Cilicia, St. Marinus, an aged man, who was scourged, racked, and lacerated, and died by being exposed to wild beasts, in the time of the emperor Diocletian and the governor Lysias.—Also, the holy martyrs Eleutherius and Leonides, who underwent martrydom by fire.—In Persia, St. Hormisdas, a martyr, under king Sapor.—At Cyzicum, in Hellespont, St. Emilian, bishop, who ended his life in exile after having suffered much from the emperor Leo for the worship of holy images.—In Crete, St. Myron, a bishop renowned for miracles.—At Vienne, in France, St. Severus, priest and confessor, who undertook a painful journey from India in order to preach the Gospel in that city, and converted a great number of Pagans to the faith of Christ by his labors and miracles.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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