27 July

AT Nicomedia, the martyrdom of St. Pantaleon, a physician. For the faith of Christ he was apprehended by the emperor Maximian, subjected to the torture and burned with torches, during which torments he was comforted by an apparition of our Lord. He ended his martyrdom by a stroke of the sword.—In the same city, St. Hermolaus, priest, by whose instructions blessed Pantaleon was converted to the faith.—Also, the Saints Hermippus and Hermocrates, brothers. After many sufferings borne for the confession of Christ, they were condemned to capital punishment by the same Maximian.—At Nola, the holy martyrs Felix, Julia and Jucunda.— At Biseglia, in Apulia, the holy martyrs Maurus, bishop, Pantaleimon, and Sergius, who suffered under Trajan.—In the country of the Homerites (Arabia), the commemoration of the holy martyrs, who were delivered to the flames for faith of Christ, under the tyrant Dunaan.—At Cordova, in Spain, during the persecution of the Arabs, the holy martyrs George, deacon, Felix, Aurelius, Natalia, and Liliosa.—At Ephesus, the birthday of the seven holy sleepers, Maximian, Malchus, Martinian, Denis, John, Serapion, and Constantine.—At Auxerre, the demise of blessed Emerius, bishop and confessor.— At Constantinople, blessed Anthusa, a virgin. Under Constantine Copronymus, after being scourged and banished, she rested in the Lord.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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