21 July

AT Rome, the holy virgin Praxedes, who was brought up in all chastity and in the knowledge of the divine law. Assiduously attending to watching, prayer and fasting, she rested in Christ, and was buried near her sister Pudentiana, on the Salarian road.—At Babylon, the holy prophet Daniel.— At Marseilles, the birthday of St. Victor, a soldier. Because he refused to serve in the army and sacrifice to idols, he was thrust into prison, where he was visited by an angel, then subjected to various torments, and finally being crushed under a millstone, he ended his martyrdom. With him also suffered three soldiers, Alexander, Felician, and Longinus.— At Troyes, St. Julia, virgin and martyr.—In the same place, the martyrdom of the saints Claudius, Justus, Jucundinus, and five companions, in the time of the emperor Aurelian.—At Comana, in Armenia, the holy bishop and martyr Zoticus, who was crowned under Severus.—At Strasburg, St. Arbogastus, a bishop, renowned for miracles.—In Syria, the holy monk John, a companion of St. Simeon.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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