10 July

AT Rome, the martyrdom of the seven holy brothers, sons of the saintly martyr Felicitas, namely, Januarius, Felix, Philip, Sylvanus, Alexander, Vitalis, and Martial, in the time of the emperor Antoninus, under Publius, prefect of the city. Januarius, after being scourged with rods and detained in prison, died under the blows inflicted with leaded whips. Felix and Philip were scourged to death, Sylvanus was thrown headlong from an eminence. Alexander, Vitalis, and Martial were condemned to capital punishment.—Also, at Rome, in the persecution of Valerian and Gallienus, the holy virgins and martyrs Rufina and Secunda, sisters, who, after being subjected to torments, the one having her head split open, the other being decapitated, departed for heaven. Their bodies are kept with due honor in the Lateran Basilica, near the baptistery.—In Africa, the holy martyrs Januarius, Marinus, Nabor, and Felix, who were beheaded.—At Nicopolis, in Armenia, the holy martyrs Leontius, Mauritius, Daniel, and their companions, who after being tortured in different manners, were finally cast into the fire, and thus terminated their long martyrdom, in the time of the emperor Licinius and the governor Lysias.—In Pisidia, the holy martyrs Bianor and Silvanus, who merited an immortal crown by being decapitated, after enduring most bitter torments for the name of Christ.—At Iconium, St. Apollonius, martyr, who consummated his glorious martyrdom by death on the cross.—At Ghent, St. Amelberga, virgin.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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