4 July

THE prophets Osee and Aggaeus.—In Africa, the birthday of St. Jucundian, a martyr who was drowned in the sea for Christ.—In the diocese of Bourges, St. Laurian, bishop of Seville and martyr, whose head was taken to Seville, in Spain.—At Sirmium, Saints Innocent and Sebastia, with thirty other martyrs.—At Madaurus, in Africa, the martyr Namphanion and his companions, whom he strengthened for the combat and led to the crown of martyrdom.—At Cyrene, in Lybia, the holy bishop Theodore. In the persecution of Diocletian, under the governor Dignian, he was scourged with leaded whips, and had his tongue cut out. Finally, however, he died a confessor.—The same day, the birthday of the Saints Flavian II., bishop of Antioch, and Elias, bishop of Jerusalem, who were driven into exile by the emperor Anastasius, in defense of the Council of Chalcedon, and went Victoriously to God. —At Augsburg, in Bavaria, St. Uldaric, a bishop illustrious for extraordinary abstinence, liberality, vigilance, and the gift of miracles.—At Lisbon, St. Elizabeth, widow, queen of Portugal, whose festival is celebrated on the 8th of this month, by order of Innocent XII.—At Tours, the translation of St. Martin, bishop and confessor, and the Dedication of his Basilica, which took place on the anniversary of his elevation to the episcopate some years previous.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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