29 June

AT Rome, the birthday of the holy apostles Peter and Paul, who suffered martyrdom on the same day, under the emperor Nero. Within the city the former was crucified with his head downwards, and buried in the Vatican, near the Triumphal way, where he is venerated by the whole world. The latter was put to the sword and buried on the Ostian way, where he receives similar honors.—At Argenton, St. Marcellus, martyr, who was beheaded for the faith of Christ together with the soldier Anastasius. —At Genoa, the birthday of St. Syrius, bishop.—At Narni, St. Cassius, bishop of that city, of whom St. Gregory relates, that he permitted scarcely any day of his life to pass without offering the victim of propitiation to Almighty God; and he was well worthy to do it, for he distributed in alms all he possessed, and his devotion was such that abundant tears flowed from his eyes during the holy sacrifice. At last, he came to Rome on the birthday of the Apostles, as was his yearly custom, and after having solemnly celebrated Mass and given the Lord’s body and the kiss of peace to all, he departed for heaven. —In Cyprus, St. Mary, mother of John, surnamed Mark.—In the territory of Sens, St. Benedicta virgin.

And elsewhere many other holy martyrs, confessors and holy virgins.

Thanks be to God.

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